The Pollen Has Fallen

Spring Cleaning is around the Corner!

We all know the Pollen is here! Stuffy noses and pockets full of tissues. It can be a miserable time for most people here in the south. We load down on our allergy relief medicines to make it through. All though we may not like it , pollen does have it's important role in our ecosystem.

Pollen is a plant's male DNA that is transported to the female part of the flower to enable the plant to reproduce. Because pollen contains DNA, it can be used to change a plant's traits. Such changes can increase harvest production or help a plant survive in a specific environment. With that being said we now understand that pollen creates healthy plant grow for a flourishing summer here in the low country. When it's all said and done we will be here to pick up the pieces. Hidden Element LLC, Exterior Cleaning Services is a preferred power washing company in the Charleston South Carolina area. Our trained staff will use our power washers and other cleaning equipment to rid you of the Pollen ! If you are in need of a good spring clean after the yellow snow of the south finishes up , give Michael Wilson of Hidden Element LLC, Exterior Cleaning Services a call today! 843-321-3390 Thank you for reading , Cheers!


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