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Hidden Element LLC, Exterior Cleaning Services is a fine tuned exterior cleaning company operating in Charleston South Carolina. With a background in industrialized cleaning combo/jet vacs, owner Michael Wilson a Charleston Native is no stranger to high pressure and high volume pumps.

"Power washing became a passion of mine many years ago as a child." The excitement of working with flowing water just feels so natural ! That accomplished feeling I get from restoring something to like new is just so unreal. I just love it when a new customer peaks outside at the process we use . We always get the same reaction ! Wow, it's so painless. No paint missing , no broken window seals or damaged siding. Soft washing is much more efficient and safer for your home! Michael spent his adolescent years racing motocross in a competitive circuit on the east coast. So hard work started at a young age for me. Training to be a competitive athlete at a young age can really teach someone a healthy work ethic. I hope that you enjoyed this read and stay tuned for our next blog. Until then , CHEERS!

-Michael Wilson


406 Doane Way,
Charleston, SC 29492

(843) 321-3390

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