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Roof Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning your roof can be vital to it's lifespan. Not only will increase the value and curb appeal but the removal of grime, algae and lichens are important as they can break down and grow underneath your shingles causing future problems.

Spring Cleaning is around the Corner!

We all know the Pollen is here! Stuffy noses and pockets full of tissues. It can be a miserable time for most people here in the south. We load down on our allergy relief medicines to make it through. All though we may not like it , pollen does have it's important role in our ecosystem.

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Hidden Element LLC, Exterior Cleaning Services is a fine tuned exterior cleaning company operating in Charleston South Carolina. With a background in industrialized cleaning combo/jet vacs, owner Michael Wilson a Charleston Native is no stranger to high pressure and high volume pumps.


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