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Charleston Soft Washing

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Soft Washing Charleston, SC

Our low pressure, soft washing method is considered the most effective and safest of processes for your home or business. A low pressure, soft wash is safe for all types of siding. If you want your home or business to look it's best, our low-pressure, soft washing process can safely remove unsightly algae and mildew off of your siding. This process is safe to use on all types of siding: vinyl, stucco, Hardi plank, painted wood and more. We ensure that when washing around your delicate windows and siding we use no higher than 450 psi max.

The solutions that we use are most efficient in removing the algae and mildew from your home or business and preventing it from coming back immediately. Mildew isn’t only unsightly, it also can cause expensive and extensive damage to your home or businesses exterior over time through decay.

Using high pressure may remove the mildew, but you run a high risk of damaging your siding,paint or windows. Our soft wash solution is specifically designed to gently remove mildew and algae effectively from an array of porous surfaces. We use a low-pressure soft washing method that is approved by the American Hardboard Association and the American Vinyl Siding Institute. We start our soft washing process by taping all exposed electrical outlets, switches, door bells etc... This is a full-service commodity that is given special attention on to each individual project. We take pride in protecting your biggest investment while giving it the well needed make over it needs. Algae and pesky mildew growth can be stubborn to remove. Our safe low pressure washing makes easy work of it with the experience of our knowledgeable technicians. After you call us you will be going green to clean in no time. When hiring someone to do maintenance on your home it is important to hire a team that is with you every step of the way and ready to leave you amazed!

Improper cleaning techniques can result in many different affects. Too much pressure or too high of pressure can break down siding material, peel paint and burn marks into the surface. Using too much pressure descaling siding materials can promote oxidation.

A well recommended practice is to have dwellings,buildings exteriors maintained/cleaned one to two times per year. With further recommendation to preserve wooden trim and other painted areas at least once every seven years. Poorly protected wood can result in quick work of wood rot. It all starts with the pressure washing or soft washing maintenance. Don’t let your home tasks fall wayside costing preventable losses.

A clean exterior adds value to a home.

Another good reason to have your home, decks, and concrete driveway it also increases the value of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, a recently pressure-washed home could increase the value from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the size.

I do work with a number of realtors in my area, and all agree that pressure washing is by far the biggest return on investment that a homeowner can make when selling a home.

Soft Washing

Our soft washing services can safely remove the build up on your property, using a low pressure nozzle to avoid damage in places that may not be that strong

Pressure Washing

Their are many benefits to pressure washing like rust removal, protecting your family's health, increased curb appeal and maintaining property value.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning can be fun if you have the time. But if you’re a busy professional, wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable company to help you with your cleaning needs?

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters, and downspouts may cause water to leak over the edges leaving dirty stains and debris on the paint and windows.

Commercial Soft Washing Services For Charleston, SC

Save Time and Minimize the Hassle
Eliminate the stress of having to deal with multiple contractors for multiple services. Hire an experienced team to make the work quick and easy.

Increase Efficiency
Wash Squad Charleston Exterior Cleaning Services will coordinate a logical and efficient workflow for all of your exterior cleaning services. We will communicate with the appropriate property managers at each important step along the way.

Save Money
You'll gain cost-saving efficiencies when all of your cleaning services are handled by an experienced company. We pass on these savings with bundled rates that are often less expensive than contracting each service individually.

Increase Your Value
Our maintenance services are an essential part of your property's annual program. Our expert services provide you with a strong maintenance program that wards off costly repairs and enhances the value of your property. Fleet Washing is a hassle, have us clean your whole fleet routinely. Rely on someone that will be there when your fleet is off the road. We know your investments are not making money parked so we try to make it a quick thorough process to get you back out there earning the dollar! A clean fleet can maintain a professional look while protecting road grime and mud from damaging the paint or components. We will clean dump trucks, heavy equipment, trash trucks, tour buses, freight vehicles and much more. we primarily do Maintenance Programs for Clients or one time projects on Current portfolios we wash. However we know we must earn your trust. This is why we are willing to give you a free wash if you’re serious about using us on a regular Basis. We offer Valued Clients the opportunity to meet and Discuss their needs. Give us a Call if you Feel we can Help you keep your budget down & Cleanliness up.

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What Our Customers Think

Sarah Lauren

home google"Michael was very professional and communicated really well! I definitely would recommend. He did an awesome job and was super friendly! He was also easy to talk to about my concerns and answered any questions I had about the product they use. 5 star service!"

Sarah Williams-Scalise

home facebook

"The brick we have in the driveway and back courtyard have been neglected, to say the least, since moving in. Michael did a fantastic & thorough job on a Saturday morning for us and we couldn’t be happier or more excited to finally enjoy this part of our home!

John Register

home google"Michael is amazing. Very impressed by work and price. Great attention to detail especially in the drive way no swirl marks at all like I experienced with a previous company. Would not recommend anyone over him in the area. Thank you and keep up the greatwork!"

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