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Gutter Cleaning Charleston, SC

Gutters are a fundamental piece of your dwellings well-being. They serve to redirect the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, foundation, interior walls and landscape. But when untended, experts say, gutters can turn from a necessity to a misery. A rain gutter that is packed with sticks,leaves and other debris that can promote a leaky roof or worst water damage to the interior and or exterior of your home. Full gutters can also make homes for rodents, other pest, mold, bee infestations and more. If you allow your gutter cleanings to go by the wayside, it will cost you hundreds up to thousands of dollars. Gutters are a possible ticking bomb above your head full of insects and critters, if they stay out of sight, out of mind,” How often do they need to be cleaned?

It depends on where you are located and, most importantly, how many trees are in your yard. We recommend having gutters maintained in both the spring and fall. I recommend customers to call us in the fall when all of the leaves are down or almost down. In the springtime, maple trees have those little helicopters that get everywhere, including right into your open gutters. It is important when having a professional clean the downspouts in addition because a clogged downspout it makes it hard for the rain to flow down and that causes them to back up and overflow the gutter, which can cause massive damage to your home.

Be the judge on how often the frequency to clean your gutters based on how often leaves in your area fall and the types of leaves. If you see a problem arise give us a call! It should be on every property owners to-do list about every four months, depending on the tree climate. In a higher-yielding environment, leaves fall all year-round. You can’t wait until the last leaf falls.


Leaf guards significantly decrease the dire need for gutter maintenance, but they don’t eliminate the needs completely. Small particles can and still get in an overtime they will build up leaving your gutters in need of a cleaning. Instead of four to six months, it’s possible to only need to maintain gutters with covers or screens every one to three years on average. The frequency of maintenance can depend on the quality of the cover and the type and quantity of tree species in the yard.

Even if you do have covers on your gutters, It is still a good idea to do a visual check each year. A guard will not keep all the debris out, adding: Up to 15 (percent) to 20 percent can still get in, and you still will have to remove the guard. Many times, you need a professional to do so.

It’s important to purchase only quality covers and screens if you want to funtionally limit the need for gutter cleaning maintenance. You need to look for a cover that’s strong enough to suit your type of environment. A gutter cover on average can cost between $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the size of the home and length of gutter.


Although cleaning gutters is a task some homeowners can do themselves, it can be dangerous work. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, falls from ladders sent more than 240,000 Americans to hospital emergency rooms in 2009 (the most recent year available). Before climbing a ladder, be sure it’s stable and all the steps are in good working condition. Climb the first two steps to determine if the working area is level. For soft soil, you can place plywood under the legs of the ladder. You should also make sure not to place the ladder on the gutters themselves because the additional weight could cause them to collapse or leave damage. During a cleaning, a professional will remove all debris on the roof, gutters and downspouts, while checking and repairing any loose gutter spikes. The cost of gutter cleaning could range from $75 to $325 for an average home, depending on the length of gutters, height of the home and scope of work. The cost goes up depending on the complexity of the work.

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"The brick we have in the driveway and back courtyard have been neglected, to say the least, since moving in. Michael did a fantastic & thorough job on a Saturday morning for us and we couldn’t be happier or more excited to finally enjoy this part of our home!

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home google"Michael is amazing. Very impressed by work and price. Great attention to detail especially in the drive way no swirl marks at all like I experienced with a previous company. Would not recommend anyone over him in the area. Thank you and keep up the greatwork!"

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